About us


The fashion label "Vanessa Carrubba" was founded in 2019. The brand's logo features a bee surrounded by the letter V. 
The V is the initial of the Italian designer Vanessa Carrubba’s first name. 
The bee is a symbol of hard work and has the queen as head of the bees. 
With our fashion, we also want to give women the feeling of being the centre of attention. 
The fashion is aimed at an elegant and self-confident woman who would like to bring strong shapes and colours into
her style of clothing.
Our goal aims for a unique design, away from fast fashion.

In order to achieve this, we pay particular attention in using high-quality fabrics and in a good and fair production.

The heart of our label, however, is the timeless and sometimes extravagant design. Each item of clothing is given a 
personality that makes it a real piece of jewellery.

We look forward to making you a happy customer. 
Albert Einstein 1949: "Once the bee disappears from the earth, humans only have four years to live."